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Right to recovery walk supports Rainier Women’s Drug Treatment in the DTES

What Vancouver needs is more treatment facilities not less. Given the dire need for more treatment spaces it is incredible that Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) and the Minister of Health Services is not funding Rainier Women’s Drug Treatment Centre. The centre is the a pilot project that was funded by the Federal Government and operate […]

1241 Harwood St before Urban Design Panel Today at 4:15 pm at City Hall 3rd Floor.

At the Urban Design Panel the proposed development project of 1241 Harwood will be reviewed today Wednesday Jan. 26 at 4:15 pm. The Urban Design Panel reviews proposed development projects as part of the city’s normal evaluation process. As described on the city website: “The Panel gives impartial and professional advice to the Director of […]

Gung hay fat choy

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Olympic torch arrives in English Bay

Insite saves lives

On Wednesday Feb. 10, 3 days before the Olympics are to start, the Hon. Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, is rumoured to be inside the Chinese Cultural Centre of Vancouver in the Down Town East Side. The day before the PM’s government announced that it would appeal a recent decision by of the […]

Bigger, more ecologically sustainable and more culturally diverse.

The critical issues that face the City of Vancouver in the next decade are affordability and ecological sustainability. These two issues are inextricably linked together and any credible solution will have to address both. On the affordability side, Vancouver is increasingly and rapidly becoming more and more expensive both to rent and to own. Land […]

Matt Hern, Common Ground in a Liquid City

Wendy Pedersen: the right to the city

Vectorial Elevation to light up Vancouver nights during 2010 Winter Games, what do you think?

I have been asked by CKNW to speak to the proposed light display that is being planned for False Creek during the Olympics. I am unsure of the artistic merits of the proposed are artwork are. My main point about the work is the process. It seems that VANOC is pushing its agenda about is […]

Olympic Transportation Plan

There is no secret to the Olympic Transportation Plan. The plan is the responsibility of the Department of Engineering and all the plans have been on the CoV’s website since March. In addition to plans being post on the internet there was public open house on March 30 at the Roundhouse. Most of the maps […]