Conflicted Space? Robson Square, Viva Vancouver and the #5 Robson Bus-Do you care?

#5 bus on Robson St.

Do you care if the #5 bus runs straight down Robson St. or would you rather see a permanent public plaza in front of the Art Gallery? Personally I support the idea of a public plaza on Robson St., but I know a lot of folks in the West End have strong opinions on this issue. Folks with mobility issues really feel not having the #5 bus go down Robson impacts their lives. So, the on going debate of the public plaza at the art gallery and re-routing of the #5 bus debates continues.
Photos of the plaza


From SFU Public Square, City Conversations:
Conflicted Space?  Robson Square, Viva Vancouver and the #5 Robson Bus

For two years, the block of Robson St. in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery has been closed to traffic during the summer, becoming the popular Viva Vancouver pedestrian space. A consequence is that the #5 Robson bus is rerouted by three blocks. Few realize that this seemingly minor change is said to affect much of the downtown transit network. Some people want to close Robson Square year round. Must we choose between efficient public transit and enjoyable public space, or is there a way to accommodate both?

Starting the conversation are Lon LaClaire, Manager of Strategic Transportation Planning for the City of Vancouver, and Brian Mills, TransLink’s Director of Service and Infrastructure Planning. We’ve also invited a representative of the Vancouver Public Space Network. Then it’s your turn to question, comment, share your opinion.

When: Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time: 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Location: Room 1600, SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre

Cost: Free

*Note* Guests are welcome to bring their lunch to City Conversations events.

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