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A little new park at Main St. and 18 Avenue with no name.

Over the holidays I took a little ride with my daughter to check out a new park in Vancouver on Main St. and 18 Avenue. Curiously the park does not have a name yet, which would really help to create a sense of place. The park is a little plaza in front of some commercial […]

Wind art on the Vancouver Seawall, Doug Taylor’s Khenko

Yesterday was a good day for art that uses the wind. When I was riding with my daughter Mallika I was worried that we were going to be blown off our bikes the wind was blowing so hard. The tailwind was wonderful to have, but riding head long into it was terrible. The waves in […]

Vancouver Park Board wants to know if “A-Maze-Ing Laughter” has a home in English Bay

More photos The Vancouver Parks Board has received an offer from the Vancouver Biennale Foundation to extend the public exhibition of this sculpture for a period of 20 years at no cost to the City, the Vancouver Parks Board or residents. As part of the approval process, Vancouver Parks Board is doing a public consultation, […]

Table tennis as an instrument to exchange cultural understanding in public space

A brief history of table tennis Table tennis or Ping Pong (Ping Pong is a register trademark name in the US) may be commonly thought of as some sort of goofy game that was played in fake wood paneled basement rec. rooms of our youth, but in fact is a game with the history of […]

Vancouver Park Board approves monument to the Komagata Maru Incident

At the Monday, February 28 meeting of the Vancouver Park Board a monument to commemorate the Komagata Maru incident was approved in an unanimous vote. Here is a link to agenda and staff report: VPB The Komagata Maru incident is described in the VPB staff report: The Komagata Maru marine vessel arrived in Vancouver harbour […]

Art Theft from West End. Magdalena Abakanowica’s “Walking Figures” Installed at Cambie Canada line station

Hey what happened? I thought Magdalena Abakanowica’s “Walking Figures” was going to be installed at English Bay. Back in September of 2009 I wrote on my blog that the piece was coming to the West Endearlier entry Yesterday I happened to be at Cambie and Broadway and noted the piece there. The walking figures seem […]

Vancouver Pride 2010

images of Pride 2010

“Listen”, the Stanley Park Environmental Art Project

more images of “Listen” Stanley Park is a forest of tranquility on the edge of Vancouver. With the West End being the most densely populated Vancouver neighbourhood, many here consider the park as their own backyard that we willingly share with the rest of the world. When my kids were younger I jogged many a […]

Gung hay fat choy

Gung Hay Fat Choy

Winter Solstice 2009