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surveillance from the sky, the “sound of safety”

I don’t know what the phenomenon is, but the sound of helicopters in the West End with all the high rise buildings here makes quite a racket. In my role as WERA President, this is one of the email subjects that we receive on a regular basis: complaints about the sound of helicopters. With the […]

Olympic torch arrives in English Bay

Inaugrual Lighting of Canadian flag installation

OK here we go, The 2010 Winter Games have started. Buckle up for all the feel good events that are going to fill you with national pride in the days to come. Pivot has launch its Red Tent Campaign to build support for a national housing plan today.Pivot Legal WebsitePivot has 500 red tents that […]

Am Johal: the right to the city

Am Johal: nomination for news maker of the year

Every year the Courier has a “news maker of the year” edition where they ask various people in the city to nominate worthy candidates for the title. Below is my nomination for this year in the unedited version that I submitted. Am Johal for news maker of 2009 The key issue that the city of […]

Vectorial Elevation to light up Vancouver nights during 2010 Winter Games, what do you think?

I have been asked by CKNW to speak to the proposed light display that is being planned for False Creek during the Olympics. I am unsure of the artistic merits of the proposed are artwork are. My main point about the work is the process. It seems that VANOC is pushing its agenda about is […]

The right to the city, Nathan Edelson

Olympic Observers

During the 2010 Winter games Pivot Legal and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) is planning on having trained “Observers” to monitor and document and infringements of civil liberties of citizen by the the 2010 Vancouver Integrated Security Unit (V2010 ISU). BCCLA states: “Legal Observer teams will be observing major protests and other potential […]

The Right to the City: Impact on the Communities Coalition’s forum on civil liberties and the Olympics.

The question for Vancouver citizens running up to the Olympics and afterwards is whether or not the games have had a net benefit on the City. This was the debate that the plebiscite tested; we were asked to decide if the games were going to be in the best interest of the citizens of Vancouver? […]

The right to the city- intro by Am Johal