The 2014 Celebration of Light

Saturday, July 26 United States 10pm
Wednesday, July 30 Frances, 10 pm
Saturday, August 2, Japan, 10 pm

With the temperature soaring the summer is well under way. The annual Celebration of Light is set to start on Saturday July 26 with the US selected to start the show. With thousands of people descending on Vancouver’s West End at English Bay to view the spectacle, there are always concerns of public disorder

The event is a huge undertaking for the VPD, with increased officers present for the event, a helicopter patrol and even video surveillance of the crowd. There is always a lot of concern about how much garbage is on the beaches the next day. The cleaning of the beach is an impressive bit of work.

Another concern with thousands of folks visiting the West End is the call of nature. Where do all these people go to the washroom when there are here? In past years there have complaints about public urination in the alleys of the West End as the crowds leaveNatianl Post 2010. The event hires portable washrooms in English Bay, but as people leave the West End there is some public urination in the alleys. Some buildings erected temporary fencing to protect their property or hire security for the night.

If there were portable urinals or pissoirs in the alleys that would be a practical solution to the issues. In Amsterdam there are pissoirs in public squares. This simple design intervention in the

pissior in amsterdam


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