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Voting “yes”

I know why I am voting “yes” in the transit referendum: To have a healthier and happier future for my family. I am convinced that by increasing our regional transit capacity there will be more opportunity for us to live active lives and create a positive environment for everyone in the Metro Van region to […]

The healthy city: good design, beauty and throw in some fun.

The actual physical fabric of the city could make you healthy. How wide sidewalks are, is there street furniture, do you have parks with nature, community gardens and interesting places all have an effect on our health. There is a growing body of knowledge that is making a connection between a city’s infrastructure and health. […]

Why an urban forest?

The City of Vancouver is setting ambitious targets in the Greenest City Action Plan to reduce the causes of climate change. From establishing new building codes that require more efficient use of energy in building to more and better infrastructure to encourage more active forms of transportation. There are many measures that local government can […]

Living forests and oceans: BC’s supernatural climate allies, Thurs. Jan. 30, 12:30 pm

The next Carbon Talk, “Living Forests and Oceans: BC’s Supernatural Climate Allies” which is taking place next week on Thursday, January 30 from 12:30 – 1:30 PM. “BC is a supernatural part of the world in many regards. Our forest and marine ecosystems are amongst the most effective natural carbon sinks on the planet and […]

Urban Health: My community, my health. The city wants your feed back

The city wants your feed back on its “A healthy city for all: Vancouver’s Healthy City Strategy 2014 – 2025” city survey If you fill the survey out you have a 1 in 500 chance to win a iPad. More importantl,y you will be giving important data to the City, regional health authorites and Metro […]

Letter to the Port of Metro Van opposing expansion of coal terminals

You can submit your own comment to the Port here Port of Metro Vancouver Re: Expansion of Coal Terminal at Fraser Surrey Docks As the son of an autoworker who was the sole financial provider for our family, I am familiar with the sense of being dependent on an industry. Growing up in Hamilton, Ontario […]

My letter of support for the referral of the “Draft West End Plan” to public hearing

Dear Mayor and Council: I fully support the referral of the “Draft West End Plan” to a public hearing based on the fullness of the public engagement process and the information presented at the “Directions Open Houses” this past June. I will reserve my feedback of the Draft Plan for the public hearing process. I […]

What’s a toilet worth?

I wonder what the cost is for Vancouver? by worldbank. Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

Safety in numbers: why a bike lane in Kitsilano?

Support for the Active Transportation Corridor on Cornwall and Point Grey Road

July 18, 2013 Dear Mayor and Council: I fully support the development of an Active Transportation Corridor on Cornwall and Point Grey Road to create a safe connection between the Burrard Bridge and Jericho for persons of all ages and abilities. I frequently cycle through this area and it is a dangerous stretch of road.  […]