My letter of support for the referral of the “Draft West End Plan” to public hearing

Dear Mayor and Council:

I fully support the referral of the “Draft West End Plan” to a public hearing based on the fullness of the public engagement process and the information presented at the “Directions Open Houses” this past June. I will reserve my feedback of the Draft Plan for the public hearing process.

I have participated at every opportunity possible in the West End Plan public engagement process. I have also attempted to invite other West End residents to participate. I have been very impressed with the West End Planning Team and their efforts to reach as many residents as possible using a variety of traditional outreach techniques and through their vigorous social media outreach. I am confident that most residents who wanted to responsibly participate in the planning process were aware and would have had ample opportunity to do so.

The West End is facing many challenges that need guidance and clarity from a comprehensive community plan. An aging population, increased immigrant populations, climate change, development pressures and housing affordability in the West End are some of the urgent issues that need to be addressed in order to guide planning for the future.

As outlined in the staff report, a public hearing in November preceded by public release of the Draft Community Plan in early October will give considerable time for residents to review the plan and to give a robust feedback to Mayor, Council and Planning staff. This process will allow all resident who desire to participate in the planning process another opportunity to offer feedback and ensure that theWest End Plan is as functional as possible to direct the future of the West End neighbourhood.

Yours truly,

Brent Granby





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