Creekway Park official opening Monday, September 30.


In a little area tucked away near New Bright0n Park the Park Board has turned a neglected space at the edge of an industrial area into a very pleasant bike path with more wetlands and habitat for all kinds of little creatures. I ride in the area as a short cut to the Second Narrows Bridge on my way to North Van. I noticed the new landscaping that the Park Board had done in this area in the summer and its very cool. This park is a great example how the city needs to be constantly on the lookout for space to create interesting green space for people and habitat restoration for our urban wild life. In NYC between 2003 and 2011 over 1000 acres of park land was added to the city from data from the Department of Finance. Link to NYC study that also demonstrates relationship between proximity to park space and property value. here 

Check out the park when you have sometime.

You are invited to the Creekway Park Official Opening,

Monday September 30th,

2957 Bridgeway Street between Hastings Park to the south and New Brighton Park to the north,

10:30 am -1230 pm,

Remarks, ribbon cutting, installing bird houses, planting, cake,

no RSVP required, info 604 257 8440,



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