“A man paints with his brain not with his hands”


“There is sound reason to believe than man’s brain was from the beginning far more important than his hands, and its size could not be derived solely from his shaping or using of tools; that ritual and language and social organization which left no material traces whatever, although constantly present in every culture, were probably man’s most important artifacts from the earliest stages on and that so far from conquering nature or reshaping his environment primitive man’s first concern was to utilize his overdeveloped, intensely active nervous system, and to give form to a human self, set apart from his original animal self by the fabrication of symbols-the only tools that could be constructed out of the resources provided by his own body: dreams, images and sounds.”  p. 14

Lewis Mumford,Technics and Human Development: The Myth of the Machine Volume One

“What the Israelites saw, from high on the ridge, was an intimidating giant. In reality, the very thing that gave the giant his size was also the source of his greatest weakness. There is an important lesson in that for battles with all kinds of giants. The powerful and the strong are not always what they seem.”

 Malcolm Gladwell, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants

“Only God creates. The rest of us just copy”


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