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A park under every parking spot

Is there a park under every parking spot? Can car sharing reduce the demand for parking in cities? If cities needed less parking because residents were walking, riding, using public transit and using car sharing the space that was being used to park cars could be transformed for other uses. Public space is a valuable […]

A little new park at Main St. and 18 Avenue with no name.

Over the holidays I took a little ride with my daughter to check out a new park in Vancouver on Main St. and 18 Avenue. Curiously the park does not have a name yet, which would really help to create a sense of place. The park is a little plaza in front of some commercial […]

Photos of the new plaza in the Davie Village


Table tennis as an instrument to exchange cultural understanding in public space

A brief history of table tennis Table tennis or Ping Pong (Ping Pong is a register trademark name in the US) may be commonly thought of as some sort of goofy game that was played in fake wood paneled basement rec. rooms of our youth, but in fact is a game with the history of […]