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Does the NPA really believe this stuff or is it just good politics? Either way it goes to the issue of trust.

The NPA has been attempting to frame traffic calming measures and safety upgrades in Kitsilano all summer as a wedge issue against the Mayor and Council. The synopsis of their message is “the Mayor and Council don’t listen and they are creating a private road for uber-rich along West Point Grey”. In a television interviews […]

Corruption, governance, anonymous donations and the NPA

NPA’s motion on  “Anonymous Donations” With the recent resignation of three Canadian mayors, corruption and governance is on the mind of residents living in cities. I don’t often agree with the NPA’s position on many issues but, I have to say the intent of Councillor Affleck’s motion on anonymous donations does highlight some issues around […]

NPA starts its transit war on Broadway. Rookie Councilor proposes Monster Buses on Broadway

April 17, 2012- 3 pm, Update from Council on Bigger Buses on Broadway Today when Councilor Affleck moved his motion to allow bigger buses on Broadway (see motion), in a “friendly gesture” to improve the rookie Councilor’s motion, Councilor Geoff Meggs offered the following Resolve to improve the motion: council direct staff to work with […]