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Beaver Lake restoration open houses Nov. 21 and Nov. 23

From the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) Beaver Lake, one of the last remaining wetlands in the City of Vancouver, is rapidly declining and could disappear as soon as 2020 if no measures are taken. The Vancouver Park Board and Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) have been working in partnership, under guidance from the Stanley […]

The first ever Stanley Park Bioblitz, August 20/21

With community help, this 24 hour citizen science relay aims to identify as many living things as possible in the Park.   Together with scientists, local stewardship groups and YOU, we hope to increase our knowledge of the Park’s native biodiversity. Events running throughout the two days are FREE and open to the public. Enjoy hands-on […]

Is it possible to coexist with wild urban coyotes?

Stanley Park Ecology Society in collaboration with the Pacific Spirit Park Society is putting on a workshop this Thursday on coexisting with urban coyotes. There are an estimated 2000-3000 coyotes living in Greater Vancouver. Coyote encounters are common and the need to better understand Vancouver’s urban dwelling wild dog population is growing. Come join the […]

Co-Existing with Coyotes, Sunday Jan. 23, Dunbar Community Centre

For those of you that may not already be aware, the Stanley Park Ecology Society (SPES) is delivering a Coyote Zone Workshop that will provide participants with valuable insight into the lives of urban coyotes residing in the City of Vancouver. The aim of this workshop is to educate and engage participants about: What proactive […]

“Listen”, the Stanley Park Environmental Art Project

more images of “Listen” Stanley Park is a forest of tranquility on the edge of Vancouver. With the West End being the most densely populated Vancouver neighbourhood, many here consider the park as their own backyard that we willingly share with the rest of the world. When my kids were younger I jogged many a […]

Big game hunt planned for Dunbar, cull the coyotes.

The Ecology Society of Stanley Park is giving a talk next week atthe Dunbar Community Centre to educate citizens on how to co-exist with coyotes in an urban environment. Apparently folks in Dunbar think there are too many coyotes in Pacific Spirit Park and they want there to be a cull of the poor creatures. […]