West End Community Storytelling Event

West End Community Storytelling Event

Thursday at the “There’s no Place like Home” West End storytelling night.

Doors open at 6 pm, Denman Cinema, 1779 Comox st.

Here’s the storyteller line-up.

The evening will begin with a welcome by Elder Audrey Rivers of the Squamish Nation.

Hosted by the hilarious Morgan Brayton, with entertainment by Drag Divas Regent Empress CoCo and Miss Mandy Kamp. Experience your community through the eyes of your neighbours:
Long-time community volunteer Gail Brown
Artist and activist Tiko Kerr
Gordon Neighbourhood House Group Storytellers Dennis Wilkinson, Barbara Shaw, Irene Santos and Sandra Goodridge
MLA Spencer Herbert
Writer, grandmother, and avid walker, Melanie Ray
Graphic designer and long-time resident, Chloe Perron

Let’s make sure we fill the house! Please pass this invitation on to your neighbours and friends.

See you on Thursday!

West End Planning Team

Food Scraps Drop Spot ready to expand with your help-community composting

This coming Saturday morning – May 12th around 10AM , there will be an informal ‘stand up’  meeting in the little park directly in front of Gordon Neighbourhood House for those residents interested in forming Drop Spot clusters for Composting in the Vancouver West End.

For the past few months on Saturday mornings @ Gordon Neighbourhood House there has been a Food Scraps/Compost program initiated by Louise Schwarz – The Recycling Alternative.
This program has been met with tremendous success and has substantially reduced the amount of waste that goes into our already overburdened landfills. This speaks volumes about the passion and commitment of West End residents in making our city and country a greener place to live and for our future generations. This also speaks volumes about the need for the expansion of this type of program especially for the multi family dwellings of the West End.

For More Info contact:

Sandra Goodridge
Coordinator, Neighbourhood Small Grants Project 2012
Gordon Neighbourhood House   www.gordonhouse.org
1019 Broughton Street, Vancouver BC V6G 2A7

Tel 604 683 2554

StopCoal.ca stopped 5 coal trains and arrested stopping the 6th

Message from STOPCoal.ca

Yesterday we prevented 5 BNSF coal trains from entering BC to unload coal at Westshore Terminals. We physically stopped a 6th train on the tracks at White Rock BC at 6 pm, at which point 14 good citizens were arrested for violating a court order not to interfere with BNSF operations.

Here’s what was involved: 14 people willing to risk arrest to stand up for what they believe in. The support of prominent people like Bill McKibben, James Hansen and Mark Jaccard, who were ready to speak up in advance and say this is the right thing to do. A stoked-up group of supporters who, through their actions, helped set a tone for the day that was peaceful, creative and hopeful, but also focused and determined. A network of people in Washington State keeping us abreast of train movements. One Twitter account.

That’s all it took to stop Warren Buffett in his tracks for a full day — a very important day for him personally. We were all overwhelmed by how beautifully everything unfolded. It all seemed a bit unreal at days end — but that may have been because of the sunburn, dehydration and overall exhaustion. Still, on a sunny Sunday morning, anything seems possible.
We were never worried about our physical safety because everything was planned out carefully and announced in advance. Our interactions with the police were incredible – respectful, candid and ongoing throughout the day. The White Rock detachment of the RCMP worked hard all day in the interest of public safety while also acknowledging our right to peacefully stand up for what we believe in. It was a good day to be a Canadian citizen.

That 100 car coal train we stopped in White Rock did reach the port eventually, but it did so under the watchful eye of hundreds of onlookers and media crews. Warren Buffett’s arrangement to ship dirty Wyoming coal to Jimmy Pattison’s port — the biggest exporter of global warming pollution in North America — is firmly in the public eye. We’ve started to connect the dots between coal exports and climate change. This is just the beginning.

Thank you everyone who took part!

Check out our twitter feed for live updates from the day and please link to your images through facebook for everyone to see:

twitter: @stopcoalBC
facebook: I can’t believe BC exports that much coal!

Home: an exploration of what makes the West End Unique

More photos of the walk
Guided Walk
I am helping my friend Christine with this Jane’s Walk of the West End.

Sunday, May 6, 2012
10:30 am
Meet at the front of the West End Community Centre

**This walking tour is part of the City of Vancouver, Museum of Vancouver and Spacing Vancouver’s special Jane’s Walk series.**

Join local resident Christine Ackermann and architect Graham McGarva to explore what makes the West End unique. A City of Vancouver planner will be on hand to answer questions about the West End Community Planning process and discuss opportunities to get involved.

Some of the walk will drawn from ideas from a WERA community workshop entitled “What makes the West End Great”.

There was a document produced from the workshop and it can be viewed here:What makes the West End Great

For more information on the West End Community Plan including opportunities to get involved, please visit West End Plan

SFU Professor Mark Jaccard to block the rails in White Rock to stop a coal shipment

Just in from Stopcoal.ca

For Immediate Release:

May 3 2012

Mark Jaccard, Canada’s leading energy-environment economist, released the following public statement today in support of the citizen action to stop BNSF coal trains at White Rock BC this Saturday, May 5.  Full details on this act of civil disobedience at stopcoal.ca/Action

Dr Jaccard is a professor of sustainable energy in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University. He has won the Nobel Peace Prize as a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Donner Prize for top policy book in Canada with his book Sustainable Fossil Fuels and the BC Academic of the Year Prize. He is Convening Lead Author for Sustainable Energy Policy with the upcoming Global Energy Assessment, an initiative of the world’s leading experts in sustainable energy.  He is the former Chair and CEO of the BC Utilities Commission. Continue reading SFU Professor Mark Jaccard to block the rails in White Rock to stop a coal shipment →

What is the NPA hiding? Why did NPA Council Candidate not file “Financing Disclosure Statement”?

Update: Tuesday May 8, 2012 from Councilor Geoff Meggs:Mr. Meggs website:
This just in: the NPA’s Francis Wong, so late filing his campaign finance disclosure that he is barred from running the next election, has now submitted his statements after all. Add $34,812 to the NPA’s total spending of $3.1 million.

Also circulated to the City Clerk, Mayor and council: an apology and a $500 penalty payment for late filing. Wong’s failure to file in time was disclosed at last week’s council meeting. He also missed the deadline for filing with a penalty payment, resulting in his prohibition from running in 2014. Continue reading What is the NPA hiding? Why did NPA Council Candidate not file “Financing Disclosure Statement”? →

Should the City of Vancouver build its own streetcar system?

What if every time one paid for parking in Vancouver the money you spent went to lay track and buy cars in a street railway system? It may seem far-fetched but it could happen. Currently in the “Parking Reserve Fund” there is $28 million and some of these dollars could fund a lot of track and cars.

Remember during the Olympics when the streetcar was running between Granville Island and the Olympic Village Canadian Line stop? It was a real treat to take a  ride on this little line. I rode it every chance I could.

Did you know that there is a right of way for a railway system that has be laid out to run from Granville Island to Coal Harbour? Imagine if we had a streetcar route through Stanley Park and up Davie St. to the Canadian Line at the Round House? Wow, this would be a transit game changer. What a tourist attraction and what an improvement to the Vancouver transit experience! Check out this map on the City’s website. Continue reading Should the City of Vancouver build its own streetcar system? →

Landscape and memory

The VW Bug

It is not an actual memory that I have, but a reconstructed one that was passed down to me from parents. I must have been 3 years old and my parents owned a VW bug. I still have memories of the smells of that car. I don’t know what it is about those cars, but they all smell the same. If I get in a bug now the smell brings me back to my childhood being in the back seat of that car. VW bugs, zippo lighters and Rothman cigarettes are my earliest memories.

The car was white with a red interior. No seat belts. Now in our uber-safety conscious mind it scares me to think that my sister and I rode in this car. That was the way the world was then. Continue reading Landscape and memory →

The West End community planning process is launching!

West End Community Plan

The West End Planning Team is about to begin a community-wide discussion about the future of the West End.

The West End community planning process will be an 18-21 month initiative to bring the community together to shape a new community plan for the West End. Continue reading The West End community planning process is launching! →

Photos from Earth Day: parade on the Drive and ivy busting in Stanley Park

More Photos