Pileated Woodpecker in Stanley Park

I was running in Stanley Park when I saw this guy. I captured the video on my Iphone. It is amazing how many different birds there are in Stanley Park right next to the West End.

While I am fortunate to live in the West End and live right next to the park this access to nature is not equally distributed over the the city. As Vancouver becomes more densely populate access to nature, habitat preservation and the greening of more habitat is going to be an important project.

Check out this study that links income levels to amount of birds that inhabit a neighbourhood:Urban Bird Diversity as an Indicator of Human Social Diversity and Economic Inequality in Vancouver, British Columbia
by Stephanie J. Melles

Update, June 1, 2011, I asked Rob Butler what type of woodpecker it is and here is what he reported: “The woodpecker is a pileated woodpecker. It is our largest wp and dependent on large trees for nesting and feeding. “

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