The Save St. Paul’s Coalition’s letter to BC Liberal Party Candidates asking for a Plan for the Renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital

Will 2011 be the year that Capital Funds be delivered to renew St. Paul’s Hospital? The Coalition ask Liberal Candidates for their plan for the renewal of St. Pual’s Hospital

Today the Save St. Paul Coalition sent a letter to all the candidates of Liberal Party of BC requesting a statement of their respective plans for the renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital. The Coalition will also send request to the candidates of the BC NDP and will post all responses on our website.

Here is a list of the Liberal Candidates with their contact info:

George Abbott, 1-604-566-9700
Christy Clark, 604-681-0617
Mike de Jong, (604) 613-1157
Kevin Falcon, 1.877.9.854.854
Ed Mayne
Moira Stilwell,604 353-2549

The Coalition’s letter:

Dear BC Liberal Leadership Candidate:

Re: your plan for the renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital

The Save St. Paul’s Hospital Coalition comprises organizations and individuals dedicated to ensuring that St. Paul’s Hospital remains in its current location on Burrard Street in Vancouver and that adequate consultation is carried out before any changes are made to the hospital.

For more information about the Coalition please visit our website at:

Given that the current leadership selection process for both the BC Liberal Party and the BC NDP is underway, now is an appropriate time for candidates to explain their plans for the renewal St. Paul’s Hospital to their respective party members and to the voters of British Colombia.

Providence Health Care (PHC) has announced plans for the renewal St. Paul’s Hospital in 2002.

St. Paul’s Hospital is an important health care service provider in both in the Downtown peninsula and for the entire BC Province.

PHC has developed a draft concept plan for the renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital on the Downtown Burrard St. site. We are an attaching a copy of the PHC draft concept plan for your consideration and study.

Will you continue the government’s current position of support for renewing St. Paul’s Hospital at its present location? And further, will you take action to ensure the renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital as laid out in Providence Health Care’s concept plan is completed by 2020?

The Coalition is requesting a written response to explain your position on the renewal of St. Paul’s hospital. The Coalition will be requesting responses from all the candidates seeking the leaderships of the respective organizations and will post the responses them on our website.

Yours Sincerely

Aaron Jasper
Chair SSPC

Brent Granby
Vice Chair SSPC
604 716 2824

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