Nathan Edelson: The Right of the City

I am at the SCARP Symposium, Meteropolis: Growing Just or Just Growing and it has been a pretty interesting day thus far. I have gotten many new ideas on what to be reading over the next year.

Susan Fainstien was the keynote speaker this morning the author of The Just City

Nathan Edelson a former planner gave the keynote address at lunch about some of the history of planning in the Downtown East Side in Vancouver.

Here is a little back info on Nathan:Edelson

It was inspiring to hear some of the planning done by Nathan Edelson over his kitchen table back in the day before the Vancouver Agreement, The Four Pillars Plan and Insite. Anyways, I head Nathan speak before the Olympics and I thought I posted it here as it has only had 40 views in a shameless attempt to boost my page views.

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