Art Theft from West End. Magdalena Abakanowica’s “Walking Figures” Installed at Cambie Canada line station

Hey what happened? I thought Magdalena Abakanowica’s “Walking Figures” was going to be installed at English Bay. Back in September of 2009 I wrote on my blog that the piece was coming to the West Endearlier entry

Yesterday I happened to be at Cambie and Broadway and noted the piece there. The walking figures seem to work well in this location, but in English Bay it would be particularly special given how many pedestrians would be able to “walk by” this sculpture. It would certainly speak to them!

At first I thought perhaps City Hall had something to do with the location change and had the installation moved from the West End so I called Vancouver Park Board and spoke with a couple of art programmers. They informed me that The Vancouver BiennaleBiennale’s site organization was responsible for the move and had negotiated the new location with Translink and Cultural Affairs at the city.

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