Alden Habacon recipient of 2010 Power of Peace medal

Alden Habacon at a dinner at the YMCA Robert Lee Building on Tuesday November 23 was awarded the Power of Peace medal.

Alden Habacon is described in in his nomination for the Local and International Peacemaker award in the following way:

“Alden is a peacemaker in the most active sense of the term. He engages Canadian of all ages and backgrounds in dialogue about diversity n a way that promotes understanding, mutual respect and equality. He is influential because hes ideas around “Diversity 2.0” are helping to bring forward a fresh approach to the national discourse that defines Canadians beyond race and ethnicity. His provocative assertion the that the mosaic model of multiculturalism is obsolete challenges us to think about the role we all play in deepening intercultural understanding. His ideas are influencing a generation of changemakers who are excited about the possibilities of creating a more respectful and peaceful world. Among his accomplishments, Alden is the founder and publisher of Schema Magazine. His work with the Asian Canadian Journalist Association, CBC, and now UBC reflects his impact. Alden is not only a thinker but a doer and is deeply committed to community service. He actively mentors young people and is a founding board member of RESPECT, a group working to create opportunities for Filipino-Canadian newcomers in Vancouver.

Schema Magazine

Congratulation Alden.

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