Plebiscite motion fails at Park Board

At the July 19 Park Board meeting the following motion was put forward for the consideration of the Board:


The following motion was put forward by Commissioner Mackinnon:

WHEREAS at a special board meeting dated November 27, 2006 the Vancouver Park Board passed a motion to review the Parks Control By-Law relating to captive cetaceans in 2015;

AND WHEREAS the residents of Vancouver value the ability to express their views on             relevant issues of the day;

AND WHEREAS a plebiscite is a non binding democratic tool to survey the public sentiment;

THEREFORE be it resolved that a plebiscite be held during the 2011 Vancouver civic election asking the public if they are in favour of ending the containment of cetaceans in Vancouver parks, including the phase out of existing cetacean exhibits which are located on land leased by the Park Board.

The motion failed to gain the majority support on the Board. The majorities position was largely based on the notion that because Vancouver Park Board had entered into a contract with the Aquarium 20o6 for an expansion with  the provision for a review in 2015 to have a plebiscite now would not be in the best interested of the VPB.

Here is Commissioner Loretta Woodcock’s remarks on the motion before the vote which went down 2 to 5.

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