Still waiting for a response from Dr. Fry MP

me and Dr. Fry last year at the Pride Parade

I don’t know for sure, but it seems that my Member of Parliament, the Honourable Dr. Hedy Fry, is not going to support Bill C-304. Why she is not going to vote for the bill when it comes back to the House is not clear to me. As of yet I have not be invited to have a sit down with her to talk about this nor have received a reply to my letter.

Check out this statement below that she posted on Facebook on Tuesday this week where she calls Libby Davies participation in the Homelessness Hunger Strike, “Laughable”. It is so not cool to slag off someone doing a fasted for a week. I did this same fast last year to bring awareness to the need of national housing plan and I can tell you it is no joke, the fast takes a real toll on one’s head.

The real disappointing part of this for me is Dr. Fry seems to be all to ready to play cheap partisan politics with an important issue. If she does not support Bill C-304, let her speak to the merits or lack of in the bill. I tried of all the talk about the need of a national housing plan and then when a real chance comes along it is not supported because of party politics.

Here is Dr. Fry’s posting from Facebook and I will put the link to the page below so if you want you can go to the page and make a comment.

“So, my colleague Libby Davies is undergoing a hunger strike to raise awareness of and demand a National Housing Strategy!

Laudable, Libby but surely you know that Jack Layton could have saved you the trouble?

I do not doubt Libby’s concern for the issue of Housing and Homelessness. You’d have to be completely divorced from reality not to see that this is an urgent challenge for Canadians across the country, and not only in urban areas. When I was in Vernon at a round table, a year ago, the number one issue was homelessness and lack of rental and affordable housing.

I also know that housing and homelessness has not been at the top of Stephen Harper’s agenda; since he cut the total homeless budget and renamed it in one of his sleight of hand political magic tricks. Why? You’d have to ask him… And we all know how he responds to pesky unwelcome questions! Kinda like the red queen in Alice in Wonderland.

But the real question of the day, and it relates to Libby’s hunger strike, is why did it have to come to this?

The NDP leader, Layton who professes to care deeply about housing, etc was asked personally by Paul Martin, in autumn 2005, when he threatened to bring down the Liberal minority government; ( something he seems reluctant to do with Harper) to hold off until the Spring budget (a mere 3 months) when three issues that he was supposed to care about, would be announced with 5 year funding mandates. This meant that if he later colluded with Harper ( as he did)to bring down the Liberals, these issues would remain enshrined and funded, passed by Parliament. Harper could not have canceled them (though in the light of the latter’s unilateral nose- thumbing at Parliament, who knows).

What were the three issues? A National Housing Strategy, a National Child care and Childhood Development Strategy and the Kelowna Accord which dealt with housing, education and health- care for Aboriginal peoples.

All of them 2 years in the making and negotiating with provinces.

Layton passed! If he had agreed, we could have been in the 5th year of these 5 year plans. Libby would not have to do the ultimate hunger strike and we not be in a crisis of lack of housing, lack of child care spaces and aboriginal frustration at worsened conditions.

The question is why? Why did the NDP leader turn down the offer? He could still have kicked out the Liberals in March after the budget? He could have had that proverbial cake and eaten it too. There is no doubt that the election results would have been the same as it was:

Jack would have gotten his few extra seats. Harper would have won his minority government. The Liberals would have lost. But, the people of Canada would have been the net winners of some much needed public policies.

Now there’s a question?

Remember that NDP boast that in a Liberal minority government they influence great public policy? Well I guess that would have been under a Tommy Douglas, a David Lewis or an Ed Broadbent…

But today we live in the house… or lack of…that Jack built, that Libby protests
and that citizens bemoan… Go figure.”

Dr. Fry’s Facebook page

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