Proof of Concept

Acyrilic on recovered plywood, 48″x48″


Jean Baudrillard

“The point is not to write the sociology or psychology of the car, the point is to drive. That way you learn more about this society than all academia could ever tell you.

   The way American cars have of leaping into action, of taking off so smoothly, by virtue of their automatic transmission and power steering. Pulling away effortlessly, noiselessly eating up the road, gliding along without the slightest bump (the surfaces of the highways and freeways are remarkable, matched only by the fluidity of the cars’ performance), braking smoothly but instantly, riding along as if your were on a cushion of air, overtaking you (there is an unspoken agreement on collective driving here; in Europe we have only the highway code). All this creates a new experience of space, and, at the same time, a new experience of the whole social system. All you need to know about American society can be gleaned from anthropology of its driving behaviour. That behaviour tells you much more than you could ever learn from its political ideas. Drive ten thousand miles across American and you will know more about the country than all the institutes of sociology and political science put together. “ p. 54,55

“They build the real out of ideas. We transform the real into ideas, or into ideology. Here in America only what is produced or manifested has meaning…” p.84

“ The American flag itself bears witness to this by its omnipresence, in fields and built-up areas, at service stations, and on graves in the cemeteries, not as a heroic sign, but as the trademark of a good brand.” P. 86

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