Transcendence and human compassion

A Little transcendence

“In China, when we grew up, we had nothing … But for even the poorest people, the treat or the treasure we’d have would be the sunflower seeds in everybody’s pockets. 

It’s a work about mass production and repeatedly accumulating the small effort of individuals to become a massive, useless piece of work.”

Ai Weiwei

“We live amongst ghost always trying to reach us from that shadow world. They are with us every step of the way…”

“The soul is a stubborn thing, it doesn’t dissipate so quickly. Souls remain, they remain herein the air, in empty space, dusty roots, in sidewalks that I knew every single inch of like I knew my our bod, as a child and in the songs that we sing. That is why we sing. We sing for our blood, for our people because that is all we have at the end of the day”

Bruce Springsteen

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