Hollyburn Properties’ open house for 1640-1650 Alberni St.

1640-1650 Alberni StreetLots of proposed new development slated for Alberni St. There is a huge demand of purpose built rental units in Vancouver with the vacancy rate being so low.

I can’t remember Hollyburn Properties ever constructing a new purpose built apartment building in Vancouver. I thought their business model was to buy existing properties and manage the buildings.

Hollyburn Properties is hosting a Open House for what I am assuming would have to be a rezoning of a site on Alberni Street for a 42 storey building of rental units. Here are the details:

Open House Details

Date: Monday, June 13, 2016 Time: 5:00pm – 8:00pm Place: Empire Landmark Hotel

1400 Robson Street Crystal Ballroom

Proposal Details

Proposed Use: Purpose-Built Market Rental (276 units)

Family Units: Approximately 40% of units are 2-3 bedroom

Sustainability Target: LEED Gold

Proposed Height: Approx. 385 ft (42 storeys)

Relevant City Policies:• West End Community Plan
• West End Community Plan Rezoning Policy

• Green Buildings Policy for Rezoning

Architect: Landscape Architect: Francl Architecture Durante Kreuk

For more information, please contact Curranne Labercane, Brook Pooni Associates, at e. clabercane@brookpooni.com | t. 604.731.9053 x 106

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