Jim Deva Plaza and Davie Village public space improvements

photos of Jim and the plaza

Whenever I climb a ladder I think of Jim Deva and remind myself to be careful. Jim died in a tragic accident, falling off a ladder while pruning a tree at his home. His death was a shocking surprise to everyone.

Jim was a hero to many of us and the undisputed mayor of the West End and particularly the Davie Village. Jim was a trail blazer of human rights. There weren’t too many projects and issues in the West End that Jim was not participating in. I respected his opinion in all things and feel privileged to have known him and had the chance to participate in a few projects with him!

The city of Vancouver is proposing naming a public plaza after Jim on the south side of Bute St. at Davie St. The proposed plaza will be at the heart of the Davie Village and the LGBTQ community. The plaza is just half a block from Little Sisters Book store one of Jim’s legacy of his life.
CoV report the new plaza


I whole heartily support the naming of the plaza for Jim. I am also super keen on the idea of creating more public space in Vancouver for people.

This plaza has a “Living Legacy Statement” which states:

A safe space, inspired by Jim Deva’s lifelong passion for freedom of sexuality,

gender diversity, and the fight against censorship. Where LGBTQ people and

allies can meet, share ideas freely, dare to dream, and love unapologetically.

The plaza will have a speaker’s corner to commemorate Jim’s life long passion for the protection of freedom of speech. There will also be a drinking fountain and water bowl for dogs as Jim was a huge lover of dogs.

Two innovative features of the plaza that are interesting and could be models for Vancouver are the idea of an “outdoor museum” and a “plaza stewardship” group.

The proposed plaza in the West End will be an added asset creating more public space for residents and visitors. Think of all the new friendships and social connections that will be made in the Jim Deva Plaza!




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