Expansion of bike lane network in Vancouver with the inclusion of skate boarders


Vancouver council is poised for another expansion of its bike lane network.

CoV Report

This is welcomed news for folks who are a bit tentative in their cycling through the city because they feel unsafe while riding. I know with my family that there has been a sea change in how much my wife and two daughters cycle with the separated bike lanes that have been built in the last couple of years. I can only imagine that they will be riding more with the new expansion of the bike lane network, which bodes well for a happy and healthy lifestyle for our family.

In addition to cycling feeling and being safer I think my family is riding more because riding to many locations is fastest and safest way to travel in Vancouver. Once you get your head around riding it’s a lot more fun than other modes.

My families trend of increased cycling is also borne out in the whole city where cycle trips are up 16%

A new feature for the expansion of the bike lane network is a recommendation for the inclusion of skateboarders in the lanes. Skateboarders will be welcomed to the bike lanes of Vancouver with some bylaw changes and new conditions of their use. I think there is still lots of room in the bike tracks for boarder so lets give it a try. With the construction of the bike network in Vancouver I have seen new users to the lanes like folks in wheel chairs and electric chairs. I think it’s cool and really speaks the triple A ambitions of separated bike lanes for all ages and abilities.

I am also encourage to see that the city of Vancouver are prepared to be nimble and create routes and enhance connections with new developments in communities. The reports states: “The City will also expand the network elsewhere as opportunities arise, for example through redevelopment, repaving, or other construction projects”

This is important because in the next five years there could be new rezoning developments that would require the building of new routes as new buildings are built. For example in the West End on Alberni and Georgia St. there are a number of re-zoning possibilities that are proposed or would come forward that would allow for funding for some good infrastructure for people walking and riding bikes. It would really be smart for the city to enhance the public realm before these buildings are completed and the DCLs and CACs could pay for the projects!

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