VOTE this Sunday June 22, 9 am- 6pm, 326 W 5 Ave


Next step to elect Brent to the Park Board-VOTE

Thanks to everyone who took out a membership and voted in the advance poll last Wednesday.

It’s been a hard fought campaign so far.  Every vote is going to count.  I know we’re close- your vote could be what makes the difference on Sunday. I need you to VOTE!

You must VOTE for 4 candidates or your ballot will not be counted. You will also need ID with your name and address.

After getting to know the many good candidates running, I am recommending the following three people who I think would also make great additions to our Parks Board team:

Granham Anderson
Naveen Girn
Sammie Jo Rumbaua

Thanks again for your support –please make sure you get out and VOTE on Sunday!



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