An endorsement from Joel Solomon for Brent Granby on the Park Board


“I am happy to endorse Brent Granby’s nomination with Vision Vancouver nomination to the Park Board.

In order to achieve an ecologically sustainable future, we have to arrive at a shared consensus that action is needed. All sectors of civil society from academics, decision makers, business, food producers to residents need to understand and support the importance of the steps that will need to be taken to move to low-carbon economy and culture.

I have been aware of Brent Granby’s advocacy for a while as it relates to these issues. His efforts to use his blog and social media tools demonstrate his commitment to create dialogue on sustainability issues. Building understanding at the community level is a critical mission of sustainability. Through Brent’s efforts with the West End Residents Association and other advocacy work, he is playing a key role in building that consensus that is critical for a sustainable future for everyone.”

Joel Solomon

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