An endorsement from VSB Trustee Rob Wynen for Brent Granby on the Park Board


I first met Brent in 2002 as President of the West End Residents Association (WERA) when he was a volunteer on the Mole Hill Community Garden. This project was the first community garden in the West End and was completed with donated materials and volunteer labour. Brent was one of the volunteers on the team that made this project the wonderful success that it is today.

I later recruited Brent To WERA where he was to be come a director of that organization. Brent immediately made an impact by initiating a community-based art project by applying for grants from the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Foundation. The project “Look” by artist, Nicole May and other residents who participated is still in the Mole Hill Laneway and in a public art register of Vancouver. Projects like this provided West End residents an opportunity to connect while contributing to great place making.

Brent with myself and other WERA directors tirelessly advocated for more sustainable transportation infrastructure in Vancouver. In particular WERA was successful in advocating for bike lanes on the Burrard Bridge. WERA has established a reputation of being a positive, responsible and effective force in Vancouver’s civic affairs and Brent has made a significant contribution in developing this model.

When I resigned as WERA president, I was glad to know that Brent had taken over as President. Brent has shown creativity and strong organizational skills in his leadership role with WERA. He has demonstrated a unique understanding of community organizing that uses both traditional methods of resident engagement tools, but also has shown an ability to adapt and innovate with use of new tools as web based communications and social media.

With no hesitation and with great pleasure I recommend Brent for a nomination for the Vancouver Park Board. His sincere interest and many years of experience with Park Board issues as a community based organizer, with political parties and as an activist in the city make him an outstanding candidate. This experience will well serve Vancouver to be a more liveable and sustainable city for everyone



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