An endorsement from Cheeying Ho for Brent Granby on the Park Board

CheeyingWRFrom Cheeying Ho, Sustainability professional:

“I have known Brent Granby for eight years, professionally and personally. Brent has always been a passionate and devoted advocate for civic engagement, particularly on issues pertaining to parks and public spaces. I’ve been greatly impressed with his energy and commitment to be involved in civic affairs. He is a good listener, very approachable, and able to respect a range of viewpoints. Brent has an inquisitive mind and is always seeking ways to make communities more livable and sustainable. Solving sustainability issues takes a commitment to working in partnership with others and understanding shared values; Brent has proven his commitment to collaborating with diverse people and groups in many different situations. I know that Brent is considered a leader in his community with integrity and strong organizational skills.

Vancouver’s challenge to reduce its impact on climate change while creating greener and more vibrant neighbourhoods will require consistent policy development and vision. I am confident that Brent has the vision and commitment to know what needs to be done and the character to ensure that sustainability will always be a priority of local government.”

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