An endorsement from Loretta Woodcock for Brent Granby on the Park Board

Loretta head shot
From 3 term Park Board Commissioner Loretta Woodcock

“Although Brent has been volunteering his time and energy for over a decade in advocating for the best use of our public spaces, I had the fortune of working with Brent during my final term as commissioner on the Park Board from 2008-2011. Brent knows this City well. He brings a focused and infatiguable passion in promoting recreational amenities for families, cyclists, nature enthusiasts, community gardeners, the arts community, sports field users, and those who rely on our community centres. When you meet Brent you will be impressed by his hard work ethic and the sincerity that he brings in representing your interests on the Park Board. Vancouverites can have confidence that when they elect Brent Granby, they will have someone with a thorough knowledge and readiness to perform his duties in a principled and positive way. Join me in supporting Brent’s candidacy for Park Board.”

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