Some news, an invitation and a request for feedback


I hope the dawning of the Year of the Horse finds you well and happy. It’s also an election year, so I wanted to say again how grateful for all support that I received in my bid, three years ago, for a seat on the Vancouver Park Board. While I came up short, that support establish a strong base and I am now considering another run. But before I request your advice, some news and an invitation:


As many of you know from the media coverage I have joined Vision. I believe that in the next election we must continue to make progress on affordable housing, ecological sustainability and fostering a vital urban economy that will contribute to the health and happiness of all Vancouver residents. For a more detailed explanation of the reasoning behind my decision, please see my web site:statement

An invitation

I hope you will join me – and Vision Vancouver – for a fun and inspiring evening, called “Next Up”, Feb 28, at the Vancouver Art Gallery. This will be enjoyable night out and a terrific opportunity to meet other Vision-eers, sip wine and see the VAG collection for the incredibly low price of just $20.

And… if you buy tickets to this great event you will be entitled to take out a membership for FREE in Vision Vancouver.

Yes, please consider joining now, as the election is little more 8 months away.

Purchase your tickets Here
Please advise…

“Should I run again?

And, if you answer Yes, “Would you support me?”

Also, please let me know if there are any issues pertaining to the Park Board that you are concerned about.

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2 Responses to “Some news, an invitation and a request for feedback”

  1. Stephen Rees says:

    Yes, you should run again.

    I am a member of the Green Party – nationally, provincially, and locally. And this will be my first time voting in Vancouver. I have never voted for a Park Board before. Does any other municipality in Canada have one? Since there are unlikely to be lots of Green Party candidates to vote for, I will chose to use the rest of my votes carefully. You will be one of them.

    I did not – do not – cannot – understand why the Park Board decided to have a fight with the Community Centre Associations. I get the ideological commitment to greater equality – but politics is the Art of the Possible. Vision now needs to go into damage control. And it should not use the Park Board as a way to raise a farm team.

  2. Pamela Leaman says:

    Absolutely you should run for seat in parks board with Vision. You have much experience of what the community is in need off. You have great experience serving as Director with the West End Community Centre. Vancouver will benefit by having someone like you in the Arts happenings of our city. I will support you 150%.

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