A little new park at Main St. and 18 Avenue with no name.

new park
Over the holidays I took a little ride with my daughter to check out a new park in Vancouver on Main St. and 18 Avenue. Curiously the park does not have a name yet, which would really help to create a sense of place. The park is a little plaza in front of some commercial and retail space. While being a small area the park is good example of what can be done to activate a space with some landscape architecture and street furniture. The Park Board describes the little park “…as a gateway to the mid-Main district and serve both the Riley Park and Mount Pleasant communities.”
You can read more about the park here on the Park Board website.

The park is also home to a work of public art which is designed by Gisele Amantea, “The Main St. Poodle”. You can read more about the artist and the project here .The Main St. Poodle also has inspired a Twitter account, @MainStPoodle, which is has a very caustic sense of humour and is worth a follow.

Here are some more photos of the park here.

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