Bikes, snow and Vancouver

north east side of burrard bridge
It’s always exciting when it snows in Vancouver. It doesn’t happen very often and when it does, it is a real test for transit users, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and city staff. The buses are more packed with wet and soggy people. It is hard slogging for pedestrians with the extra force of the snow to be overcome and there is always the real threat from cars, directly or in what they splash up on the sidewalks.

Cycling in the snow is doable, but it is hard. In north Europe like in Copenhagen biking in the snow is no big deal. They do it and they are proud of it. Also, in Copenhagen the bike paths and sidewalks are cleared of snow first. I think Vancouver is getting better with removing snow on bike routes and paths, but we are not Copenhagen yet. Some areas were rough and I had to walk my bike. But I was pleasantly surprise with the Burrard St. Bridge and bike tracks downtown they had all been cleared.

Here are some photos that pop off with my phone on my little ride. photos

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