Why I joined Vision Vancouver


I want to be in a position to affect progressive change in a way that aligns with my values and that is why I have joined Vision Vancouver. The policy initiatives that Vision Vancouver has embarked upon have been ambitious. I have been actively engaged in my own community and neighbourhoods throughout the City to making Vancouver’s economy more vital and ecologically sustainable, while putting a priority on the health and happiness of residents.

The challenges that face Vancouver require broad based consensus in finding sustainable solutions for the homeless, for supportive housing, and ensuring services for people with mental health issues. Affordability for young people and their families continues to remain a priority.

Our local governments receive only 8 cents out of every tax dollar paid. Cities need to be pressing senior governments on a range of issues from climate change, health and wellness, housing, and infrastructure investment.  A dialogue of cooperation and a willingness to work together is required to solve the issues facing our City.

I want to continue my work with community groups, activists, faith based communities, academics, the artist, the business sector and decision makers to grow our City in a sustainable and responsible way.




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