What, another new park in Vancouver at Fir St. and 7th Avenue?

new park at 7th and FirWR
Vancouver has set the ambitious goal of ensuring that everyone lives at least 5 minutes walk (400 m) from a park, greenway, or other natural space in the Greenest City Action Plan (2011). Also the city has set the target of planting 150,000 trees by 2020. If the city is going to be able to achieve this goal more green-space will have to be transformed into parks.

The Vancouver Park Board has identified a site for a new park in a converted industrial site at 7th Avenue and Fir St. which is 0.13 hectare in size.

For more information on the development project: here

Here is the staff report from the Park Board on the park with a pdf of the approved design: PB staff report

The park does not have a name yet. The triangular site runs beside the the old Canadian Pacific rail lines and sit just east of a funky community garden. The park has gone through two consultation sessions in April and June of 2013 and the final design was presented in near the end of June to the public and was approved by the Park Board on September 23. The new park is scheduled be finished by the spring of 2014. The budget for the park is $400,000.

Here are some photos of the site:here

2 Responses to “What, another new park in Vancouver at Fir St. and 7th Avenue?”

  1. Jenables says:

    Hmmn, that’s interesting, they told us here in Grandview woodlands that there was just no money for new parks while trying to add 10,000 people to a neighborhood already under served when it comes to parks and other amenities.

  2. brent says:

    Jenables, Park Board has just redeveloped Grandview Woodland park. Although on the edge of your hood there is a new park called Creek Way that just opened. Britannia is in the queue for a much needed re-development in the Capital Plan as well.

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