The City wants your feedback on the Comox-Helmcken Greenway construction



The Comox-Helmcken Greenway construction has well been underway now for a few months now. It has been interesting to see the project unfold. I have been trying to with hold my judgment on the project till it is done. At this point it  is hard to really understand how the Greenway will work.  There have been some interesting elements like the bio-swales that capture rain water and divert it from the sewer system and LED light post that are exciting. The left hand turn bay on Burrard St. to Helmcken St. is a huge improvement from what was there before.

The City wants to know what you think of the project thus far. I think it is important to give feedback on the project. Users feedback will be a valuable tool for the engineers on this project. Elements that look good on paper in the design phase don’t always work in when they are actual built. Inevitable they will be adjustments and refinements to the design of the project. This has already been happening in some places. For example, a friend of mine lives in an apartment on Comox St. mid-block from Denman St.and there are a lot of older residents in his building. There was a concrete curb for a bike lane in front of his building. Folks where finding it hard to cross the street with the curb there to get to Denman Mall. The user experience was given to Engineering and they made a mid-block cut in the curb to make it easier  to cross the street mid-block.

Here is the link to the online survey to give your feedback on the project :City survey


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