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Okay so I got an invite from the Premier’s Office to attend an announcement on new spending on housing by the Province of BC and the Canadian Government. Why I would be invited seems a bit odd. Anyways, here is the invite below. Here is the link to the photos from this morning. I got photos of the Hon. Stockwell Day, the Premier, and the Hon. Rich Coleman.

I am going to scan the media release that was handed out with the details of all the spending. I will post this as well.

I introduce myself to Minister Coleman and then Mike Howell from the Courier cut in and did an interview with him on his initiative to give powers to police to pick homeless people off the street against their well. I got video of this and will post it to UTUBE and then post it here.

housing announcement images

Remember back in when the Liberals won their land slide first mandate and they were going set everything straight in the province by putting it back on a business agenda and all social housing projects ditched? Well them days are over. Now “housing matters”. Today at a housing announcement at Steeves Manor in on the West Side of Vancouver the Premier of British Columbia released news of a deal to fund 101 renovations and retrofits. The projects would amount to $177 million in a cost-sharing deal with the federal government.

The funding will be use for repairs of 81 social housing developments which will cost $164 million. The remaining $13 million will be use for repairs to 19 SROs in Vancouver. For more info on which hotels in Vancouver are slated for repairs view the media release and backgrounder below.

news release and backgrounder

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