Worm composting and Food Scrap DropSpot


Worm Composting
While the West End and the Downtown Peninsula is still waiting for comprehensive composting system for multi-unit buildings, in the interim worm composting can be an effective way to reduce waste by diverting organic material from going to landfills.

The City of Vancouver is making a limited number of worm composters available for $25 which is a really great deal. One has to take a one hour workshop at City Farmer to learn how to work the system correctly. More information is available on the City’s website
CoV Worm Composters

Food Scrap DropSpot

Another option for diverting organic waste from the landfill is a Farmer’s Markets DropSpot which is located at Gordon Neigbourhood House at 1019 Broughton in the West End. It is also at the Winter Farmers Market on Nat Bailey Stadium (30th and Ontario St.) This was started as a pilot project at the West End Farmers Market last year and has developed into an expanded program at Gordon House and the Farmers Market. One can save organic waste and bring it to the DropSpot on Saturday for a donation of $2. For more info on this great project check out their website that has interesting data on how much organic wasted was collected last year for all you composting data nerds. DropSpot

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