Arts Salon: Occupy Environmental Art, Wed. Jan 25 at the Roundhouse Community Centre

moss graffiti
Photo courtesy finiculi, finicula (flickr)
Facebook event

Another event for Wednesday Jan. 25, 2012. This one looks interesting too. I am torn as which one to go to. The following is the description of the event from the Facebook event page:

“Occupy Environmental Art is not so much a statement as an invitation for discussion.

The Occupy movement has begun a critique of contemporary Western society. Although the concerns are rooted in issues of economic justice, Occupy also inherently deals with related matters such as social inequality, democratic processes, and environmental degradation. Occupy is engaging citizens in a collective, creative process of imagining alternatives to the status quo.

Environmental arts may also provide a variety of critiques on modern life: questioning the relationship between people and the environments that support them; the methods and materials of artistic expression; and how we value art. Environmental arts explore new ways of understanding and expressing the human condition.

Where do Occupy and environmental arts intersect and where do they diverge? What, if anything, does the Occupy movement have to offer to eco-arts and what can eco-arts bring to the Occupy movement?

Please join us for a facilitated discussion at the Roundhouse, followed by an informal social gathering in Yaletown.”

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