Congrats, thanks and disappointment

Congratulations to all the candidates who were elected in Vancouver’s civic election yesterday. Thanks to all of the candidates who put their name forward.

This has been an exciting two months. It was humbling and an honour to be a COPE candidate in this election for the Vancouver Park Board. The experience was exciting and I am so proud of what we accomplished during this campaign. Everyone on our COPE team worked hard to bring our ideas forward in a positive, creative and authentic way.

This campaign has been personally rewarding and I’ve learned an incredible amount about leadership, group dynamics, campaigning, policy and politics. I have talked with so many wonderful people throughout this city and had many rewarding experiences. I will always be grateful to my family, supporters and friends who have unfailingly encouraged me. I even think my public speaking is getting almost passable.

I am so happy that Allan Wong was re-elected on the School Board. Allan is such an intelligent, thoughtful and committed person. Vancouver is the better for electing Allan. However, I am disappointed that Alan Blakey and Jane Bouey were not re-elected yesterday.

My heart goes out to Ellen Woodsworth. I had so much fun with Ellen and learned a great deal from her. Ellen has effectively represented important issues and constituencies for the past three years as a city counselor . I feel so disappointed for her. She has been one of the hardest working people I know. I am proud to be a member of the same party as her.

There are no guarantees in elector politics. You have to work your hardest, try your best and put your ideas forward as effectively as one can. I am disappointed that I did not earn the support of Vancouver residents, but the voters have spoken. I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who did cast and entrust their vote to me.

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