Councillor Meggs’ motion on renewal St. Paul’s Hospital moved to Thursday at 9:30 am at Services and Budgets Committee

Now, along with the BIA in the West End,MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert, Providence Health Care, The St. Paul’s Foundation, Vancouver Coastal Health, The Save St. Paul’s Coalition and residents of the downtown peninsula, the City of Vancouver joins the consensus that it time for St. Paul’s Hospital to be redevelop on its Burrard St. site.

The City of Vancouver to urge the Provincial Government to confirm the St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment project.

On Thursday morning at 9:30 am at the City of Vancouver Council’s Standing Committee on Services and Budgets, on the 3rd floor of City Hall in Council Chambers, Councillor Geoff Meggs will move the following motion:

Support for New Investments in Health Care
Vancouver City Council, at its meeting on July 26, 2011, referred this matter to the Standing Committee on City Services and Budgets meeting on July 28, 2011, in order to hear from speakers.
MOVED by Councillor Geoff Meggs SECONDED by Councillor Tim Stevenson
1. Vancouver hosts a wide range of medical and health facilities of regional, provincial and national significance, including all the facilities of Vancouver Coastal Health, Providence Health Care, Vancouver Women’s and Children’s Hospital, the BC Cancer Agency and the BC Centre for Disease Control;
2. These institutions not only provide critical health services to some of the most vulnerable and marginalized patient populations in BC, but also form a central element in the city’s economy, employing tens of thousands in advanced medical research and development;
3. Co-ordination and collaboration between these institutions and the City of Vancouver, on issues like transportation, housing, district energy systems and waste management can produce gains both in the delivery of health care and the economic and social life of the city;
4. Renewal of existing facilities like Providence’s St. Paul’s Hospital is urgently required to ensure continued delivery of quality care.
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT Council direct staff to explore the potential of partnership agreements between the City and key health institutions to maximize benefits for both sides;
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the City of Vancouver urge the Provincial Government to confirm the St. Paul’s Hospital redevelopment project as a priority on the capital projects priority list for Vancouver.

One can speak to the motion by contacting the City Clerk with the following info:

For information or to register to speak, please call Bonnie Kennett, Meeting Coordinator, at 604.873.7269 or e-mail:

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