Who leaked the “privileged” legal opinions of the jurisdiction of City Manager over General Manager of the Park?

I was at Council Chambers to view democracy in action on Tuesday evening. By chance Councilor Anton had a motion about a perceived notion about the erosion of the independence of the Park Board. Rather than moving her motion she put it on notice for the next Council Meeting.

The City Manager, Dr. Penny Ballem, preparing for Anton’s motion ask the city legal department to prepare a legal opinion of the jurisdiction of the City Manager in regards to the General Manager of the Parks. She distributed the opinion to Councilors for their edification. It was not read into the record for the City clerk.

After the meeting I asked Councilor Meggs if he could make a copy of the document for me and he said: “ no, the information was privileged”

I asked Councilor Woodsworth if I could have a copy of the legal document and she thought it should be okay as it was an opinion about the Vancouver Charter and was public knowledge paid for by taxpayer’s dollars to prepare. However always being prudent she requested that I ask permission of the City Manager.

I asked the City Manager for a copy of the legal opinion and she told me it was privileged between city legal department, staff and Councilors.

Now on Thursday September 24 Francis Bula has a scanned copy of the document on her website.State of VanvouverWho gave the document to Ms. Bula? There are ten Councilors and who was most interested in the erosion of the independence of the Park Board? Which party would have the most to gain by leaking the document?

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