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Job posting: Project Coordinator, Bikes.community Project

A project that I am volunteering on Bikes and Community is looking for a “Project Coordinator”. I am volunteering with the project as a Director of the West End Residents Association(WERA)in partnership with The YMCA of Greater Vancouver. The Bikes.community Project uses training in bike refurbishment and maintenance as a means to bring together the […]

Mayor presented with West End Advisory Committee neighbourhood priorities report

The West End Mayor’s Advisory Committee (WEMAC) has released it’s report on development issues with recommendations and results of the survey that the group did. The report is available on Mayor Gregor Robertson website at the following link: Gregor’s website  

West End Car Free Day Needs Volunteers

We Need Day Of Volunteers Car Free Vancouver still needs day of volunteers! Our volunteer orientation sessions will be happening: West End Thursday, June 9 at 7-9pm Bidwell Room at the West End Community Centre Saturday, June 11 at 2-4pm Barclay Room at the West End Community Centre WE Car Free Site

Clean, Green and Healthy, Pedestrians first

Did you know that the City of Vancouver’s transportation priority is to put the pedestrian first? Walking could be one of the most important forms of transportation for more because it combines fitness, which promotes wellness, but and it is also a sustainable form of transportation that will allow are allowing our city to grow […]

Travel in a sustainable world

photo by Chris Keam I was going to enter this piece to the Whistler Ted x contest, but miss the dead line. “It is so do-able, I know that we could do it”. This is how I pitch the idea to my wife every year to convince her that we should buy another tandem bike […]

Too fast, too futile: speed, time pressure and health

too fast abstract Paul Tranter, University on New south Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy, School of Physical Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, Canberra, Australia At the ICUH that I attend last week in Nairobi, one of the more unusual and interesting papers that I heard was by Prof. Paul Tranter. His paper was entitled “Too fast, […]

Six recommendations on how to make walking and cycling safer in Nairobi

Mr. Ogendi studied transportation infrastructure in the Netherlands and German and developed six recommendations on how to make walking and cycling safer in Nairobi based on what he observed in the two European countries. Interesting enough, the measures that he recommends are similar to the ones that could potentially benefit from in Vancouver as well. […]

Improving the safety for pedestrian and cyclist in Nairobi

Improving safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in Nairobi: Japheths Ogendi, part one

Nairobi Friday 23 October 2009 I am really surprised at what a transportation geek I morphed into. I have been in Nairobi four days now and with what little I have seen it is stunning. I still have not got my head around the fact that I am actually here. The smells, the sounds, the […]

Opening day of Canada Line

more photos A lot of bad blood has been spilled over the Canada Line. I know as I was at the COPE meetings in the bad old days when the “Friend’s of Larry Campbell” were exiting the party. Raymond Louie was routinely hackled each time he showed his face at a meeting for casting his […]