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The healthy city: good design, beauty and throw in some fun.

The actual physical fabric of the city could make you healthy. How wide sidewalks are, is there street furniture, do you have parks with nature, community gardens and interesting places all have an effect on our health. There is a growing body of knowledge that is making a connection between a city’s infrastructure and health. […]

VPB open house on mid-size skate park in Mount Pleasant, April 3, 1 Kingsway

Want your park to be safe? Build a skateboard park. Every skateboarder in a park is connected to a family that is invested in keeping that park safe. Part of great parks is the activities that are possible in these parks. The design acts as a program for the space that invites folks to participate […]

Being car free supports the local economy

“According to AAA, Americans spend on average $8,485 each year on their cars. Seems like a lot of money, doesn’t it? And most of that money leaves your local economy. What if you were able to get rid of a car and spend-or invest-that money in your community? what if 12,000 people decided to make […]

Does the NPA really believe this stuff or is it just good politics? Either way it goes to the issue of trust.

The NPA has been attempting to frame traffic calming measures and safety upgrades in Kitsilano all summer as a wedge issue against the Mayor and Council. The synopsis of their message is “the Mayor and Council don’t listen and they are creating a private road for uber-rich along West Point Grey”. In a television interviews […]

Bikes, snow and Vancouver

It’s always exciting when it snows in Vancouver. It doesn’t happen very often and when it does, it is a real test for transit users, pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and city staff. The buses are more packed with wet and soggy people. It is hard slogging for pedestrians with the extra force of the snow to […]

A bike lane rant and the 2014 operating budget

The City of Vancouver has released the 2014 Operating Budget and it is a mammoth document weighing in at over 200 pages. You can read it here I am going to ploughing my way through it in the next couple of days. There is also an information session and dialogue at City Hall on December […]

A public plaza, pedestrians and public transit?

Yesterday I attended a panel discussion on the idea of a public plaza on the north side of the Art Gallery in the 800 block of Robson Street. The idea has been around for a while. The area was closed to traffic during the Olympics and a couple of temporary closures have happened during the […]

Why bike lanes are important: biking for all ages and abilities

Creekway Park official opening Monday, September 30.

In a little area tucked away near New Bright0n Park the Park Board has turned a neglected space at the edge of an industrial area into a very pleasant bike path with more wetlands and habitat for all kinds of little creatures. I ride in the area as a short cut to the Second Narrows […]

2nd annual epic bike ride: Vancouver to Hornby

Scroll down for updates along the way. Photos from the ride Okay, its a go! Our tandem is all tuned up. We are heading out for our annual bike ride to Hornby Island. I wrote about the process of convincing my wife to do this trip here. We will do the ride in two days […]