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2nd annual epic bike ride: Vancouver to Hornby

Scroll down for updates along the way. Photos from the ride Okay, its a go! Our tandem is all tuned up. We are heading out for our annual bike ride to Hornby Island. I wrote about the process of convincing my wife to do this trip here. We will do the ride in two days […]

A Copenhagen winter moment

Yerevan Armenia

I am away on vacation visiting family. My wife’s brother lives in Yerevan, Armenia where his wife is stationed with the UNDP. My extended family are here in Yerevan to meet my nephew who is 2 years old and this is our first opportunity to meet him. Yerevan was once part of the Soviet Union […]

Pre-wedding ritual to Agni and the making of the bride

I am here in India for vacations, but also to to witness Anita’s cousin Hitha’s wedding. This video is the pre-wedding ceremony. The priests from the temple were conducting a ceremony to bring auspiciousness to the house before the wedding. The deity that the ritual is directed at is the Hindu god of fire, Agni […]

Images of a Munnar morning walk high in Kerala tea country

More images of Kerala tea country

Images from Ajunta Caves

More images of Ajunta caves

First full day in New Delhi

My partner’s cousin Hitha, a major force in the blogosphere – check out her blog,Hitha On The Go is getting married in India and I am here with my family for the ceremony. Hitha’s wedding is in two weeks and we travelling around India before we go to Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh and stay with […]

Are carbon credits the new indulgence?

There’s no getting around it, the richer one is – the bigger the carbon footprint. Wealth inextricably leads to consumption, which in turn increases one’s ecological impact on the planet. The rich live in bigger houses, drive bigger cars, consume more goods and travel more frequently than those less wealthy. A recent study by the […]

Dispath from Hamilton-part 2, images

images of Hamilton

Dispatch from Hamilton Ontario

In Vancouver, spring is in the air with the trees in full bloom and the start of my kids school break. It was hard to leave the city with the sun shining. While it may be spring in Vancouver it definitely is still winter in Hamilton Ontario, where I am here to visit my family. […]