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Malalai Joya Saturday at St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church

Stop War

Hope in the shadows opening

more images of the event

A bridge to a cool planet

A Bride to a Cool Planet Global Warming can seem pretty overwhelming when we’re alone, but toghther we can make a difference This December, world leaders are meeting in Copenhage to agree on a treaty to stop global warming. The Canadian Government must be a strong leader in these talks. Here’s an easy way to […]

Images from St. Paul Hospital renewal forum

more images of the forum

Forum on renewal of St. Paul’s Hospital tonight

The Right to the City: Impact on the Communities Coalition’s forum on civil liberties and the Olympics.

The question for Vancouver citizens running up to the Olympics and afterwards is whether or not the games have had a net benefit on the City. This was the debate that the plebiscite tested; we were asked to decide if the games were going to be in the best interest of the citizens of Vancouver? […]

Forum on civil liberties and 2010 Olympics tonight

IOCC News Conference

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