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An Endorsement from Cl. Kerry Jang for Brent Granby on the Park Board

I am delighted to support Brent Granby’s nomination for the Park Board.  I have known Brent for over a decade as a dedicated community activist who has supported progressive change on how communities talk with City Hall to create a more accessible, green and livable city.   He’s worked tirelessly in his own neighbourhood to promote […]

Did Vision Vancouver Park Board candidates seek a mandate to change Joint Operating Agreements (JOA) with the Park Board?

Change is a difficult process whether on the personal level or on the public policy front. The plan for the Vancouver Park Board (VPB) to reform the relationship between itself and Community Centre Associations (CCA) has been a long-troubled process. JOA between the Vancouver Park Board and Community Centre Association Vancouver’s 22 community centres (CC) […]

Council update: Councilor Reimer strikes and replaces NPA motion on anonymous donations

Residents of Canadian cities need to have confidence in their elected official and know that the decisions made are in the best interest of the city and not influenced by anonymous donations. Yesterday, Tuesday November 28, Vancouver City Council considered a motion from the NPA on anonymous donation to the city. I wrote about the […]

What is the NPA hiding? Why did NPA Council Candidate not file “Financing Disclosure Statement”?

Update: Tuesday May 8, 2012 from Councilor Geoff Meggs:Mr. Meggs website: This just in: the NPA’s Francis Wong, so late filing his campaign finance disclosure that he is barred from running the next election, has now submitted his statements after all. Add $34,812 to the NPA’s total spending of $3.1 million. Also circulated to the […]

COPE Putting Neighbourhoods First Through Neighbourhood Councils

Media Release For Immediate Release: Saturday, November 5th, 2011 COPE Putting Neighbourhoods First Through Neighbourhood Councils Vancouver – COPE’s ‘neighbourhood’s first’ philosophy is being exemplified in their most recent platform announcement: the creation of Vancouver neighbourhood councils. The party is looking to bring democracy back to the grassroots level by supporting local area councils to […]

Vancouver Votes today. November 19, 2011. Lets make voting the majority.

Vote on November 19, 2011. Lets make voting the majority. With the emergence of new tools like smart phones there will be new ways for voters to become better informed about the process, issues and candidates in the municipal election. The city of Vancouver has introduced a new phone application (app) for smarts phones that […]

Apathy is Dead, On May 2, 2011, I am VOTING for ACTION on Climate Change

A message from get your Vote On Yes, we are starting a national campaign with one PDF. We are asking for 10 minutes of your time to increase the youth vote and make sure everyone shows up with the right stuff on May 2. Link to PDF Rap version of the message