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Apathy is Dead, On May 2, 2011, I am VOTING for ACTION on Climate Change

A message from get your Vote On Yes, we are starting a national campaign with one PDF. We are asking for 10 minutes of your time to increase the youth vote and make sure everyone shows up with the right stuff on May 2. Link to PDF Rap version of the message

Emergency Preparedness motion at Vancouver Park Board

Ellen Woodsworth’s motion at Council With the recent earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand the need for a more comprehensive and extensive emergency preparedness plan to respond to natural disasters is very apparent. While there are agencies such as the City of Vancouver’s Neighbourhood Emergency Preparedness Program (NEPP)that are mandated to develop plans with professional […]

Clean, Green and Healthy, Pedestrians first

Did you know that the City of Vancouver’s transportation priority is to put the pedestrian first? Walking could be one of the most important forms of transportation for more because it combines fitness, which promotes wellness, but and it is also a sustainable form of transportation that will allow are allowing our city to grow […]

Are carbon credits the new indulgence?

There’s no getting around it, the richer one is – the bigger the carbon footprint. Wealth inextricably leads to consumption, which in turn increases one’s ecological impact on the planet. The rich live in bigger houses, drive bigger cars, consume more goods and travel more frequently than those less wealthy. A recent study by the […]

Insite saves lives

On Wednesday Feb. 10, 3 days before the Olympics are to start, the Hon. Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada, is rumoured to be inside the Chinese Cultural Centre of Vancouver in the Down Town East Side. The day before the PM’s government announced that it would appeal a recent decision by of the […]

Bigger, more ecologically sustainable and more culturally diverse.

The critical issues that face the City of Vancouver in the next decade are affordability and ecological sustainability. These two issues are inextricably linked together and any credible solution will have to address both. On the affordability side, Vancouver is increasingly and rapidly becoming more and more expensive both to rent and to own. Land […]

Travel in a sustainable world

photo by Chris Keam I was going to enter this piece to the Whistler Ted x contest, but miss the dead line. “It is so do-able, I know that we could do it”. This is how I pitch the idea to my wife every year to convince her that we should buy another tandem bike […]

96 homeless deaths in BC in three years

Feb. 2nd, 2010 IMPACT ON COMMUNITIES COALITION 96 Homeless Deaths in BC in Three Years (2006-2008) Vancouver – As BC Housing and other partners opened up a public relations kiosk yesterday for international media, it was revealed that 96 homeless people died in BC between 2006 and 2008 according to the BC Coroner’s office. “A […]

Improving safety of pedestrians and bicyclists in Nairobi: Japheths Ogendi, part one

Nairobi Friday 23 October 2009 I am really surprised at what a transportation geek I morphed into. I have been in Nairobi four days now and with what little I have seen it is stunning. I still have not got my head around the fact that I am actually here. The smells, the sounds, the […]

One year latter and still not fixed: Harm Reduction Victoria

On October the 1st 2009 Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) hosted a forum entitled: “Needle exchanges and supervised consumption services can contribute to safer neighbourhoods”. The forum was a panel discussion comprised of injection drug users, needle exchange activist, the Executive Director of the Dr. Peter Centre (DPC) and myself as a rep from the West […]