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Vancouver Park Board

I am seeking a nomination with Vision Vancouver for the Park Board.

  Parks and a Park Board for everyone I would like to thank everyone for their kind support and encouragement. Based on you feedback I have decided to run for the Vancouver Park Board as a Vision Vancouver candidate. Nomination vote June 22- Save the Date I want to be elected to the Vancouver Park […]

Vancouver Park Board Open House: John Hendry Park (Trout Lake), all day April 15

From the Vancouver Park Board The public is invited to attend an open house to review and comment on a draft master plan for John Hendry Park.  The plan was developed in consultation with community stakeholders and through input received at three open houses and online over the past seven months. Time:     Tuesday, April 15, […]

VPB open house on mid-size skate park in Mount Pleasant, April 3, 1 Kingsway

Want your park to be safe? Build a skateboard park. Every skateboarder in a park is connected to a family that is invested in keeping that park safe. Part of great parks is the activities that are possible in these parks. The design acts as a program for the space that invites folks to participate […]

Some news, an invitation and a request for feedback

I hope the dawning of the Year of the Horse finds you well and happy. It’s also an election year, so I wanted to say again how grateful for all support that I received in my bid, three years ago, for a seat on the Vancouver Park Board. While I came up short, that support […]

Can we trust the NPA?

When the city traffic calmed West Point Grey Road there was a media frenzy fuelled in part by the NPA. On the first Monday after car traffic was diverted off West Point Grey Road, the NPA staged a little demo with around 50 people attending with placards displaying a coordinated message “West Point Grey Road […]

A little new park at Main St. and 18 Avenue with no name.

Over the holidays I took a little ride with my daughter to check out a new park in Vancouver on Main St. and 18 Avenue. Curiously the park does not have a name yet, which would really help to create a sense of place. The park is a little plaza in front of some commercial […]

A park within a 5-minute walk from everyone in Vancouver: a new park at 17th Avenue and Yukon St.

more photos of the site Update April 22, 2o14, from the Vancouver Park Board: Open House Date: April 26, 2014, 10:00am – 2:00pm Location: 17th Avenue and Yukon Street   The City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Park Board through the Greenest City Action Plan has set the ambitious goal of providing parks and green space […]

A primer on the 2014 Operational Budget and Capital Expenditure Budget for Parks and Recreation

The City of Vancouver has posted the 2014 budget which comes in at $1.2 billion in total with a property tax increase of 1.9%. The budget is a huge document with over 200 pages detailing all the different operations of the city with hard cold numbers, service plans and an array of metrics to measure […]

What, another new park in Vancouver at Fir St. and 7th Avenue?

Vancouver has set the ambitious goal of ensuring that everyone lives at least 5 minutes walk (400 m) from a park, greenway, or other natural space in the Greenest City Action Plan (2011). Also the city has set the target of planting 150,000 trees by 2020. If the city is going to be able to […]

Another new park for Vancouver, Trillium North, to open in summer of 2014

Soon the east side of Vancouver will be getting a new park, Trillium North. The park is currently under construction and it scheduled to be open in the summer of 2014. The park is located on the north side of the new artificial turf on the brown-field just beside the train station on Malkin Street. […]