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How landlords are lobbying for a rental increase

Here is how it works. Landlords want the allowable rental increase of 3.7% to be higher claiming that the current increase is not keeping pace with their rising expenses and they cannot make “enough” of a profit. Although there is a process for landlords to apply to Residency Tenancy Branch (RTB) for rental increases for […]

TRAC warns of danger of raising allowable rent increases

Danger of raising allowable rent increases Vancouver— TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre is warning tenants throughout BC about the dangers of the apartment owners’ campaign to raise the allowable rate of rent increases. First, the cumulative impact on tenants will add to the serious situation of BC having the most unaffordable rental housing in […]

Aging in place

Aging in place Seniors’ health and happiness are being impacted by the uncertainty of their residency of tenure. Seniors who are long-time residents of rental space are currently at risk of being evicted. Changes to the Residency Tenancy Act in 2004 have created a powerful imbalance between renters and landlords, which provides insufficient protection to […]

Red Tents goes to Canada House

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Let’s take the Red Tent Campaign National

On Saturday February 27, Pivot Legal’s Red Tent Campaign is asking folks to join them at Keefer Place at noon. The Red Tent Campaign kicks off the launch of the national phase to pressure the Canadian Government to develop a funded national housing plan. Here is a portion of their announcement: “The Games are almost […]

Baby forced into political action by mean policies of PM

I was not able to attend the rally for a national housing plan last Saturday, but by all accounts it was a success. It was well attend and so peaceful and well run that there is not even one media account about it. Here is a report of the rally on theWERAwebsite. Before the rally […]

Rally for a national housing program Saturday February 20, 2010 Noon Vancouver Art Gallery

A comprehensive national housing plan that would provide for a wide spectrum of housing needs is desperately needed for the City of Vancouver. In Vancouver there is a need for the renewal of purpose built rental housing stock to be built, social housing for lower income folks, affordable housing, co-op for families and a host […]

Rally for a National Housing Program

No more empty talk, no more empty lots

On Monday February 15, 2010 the Power of Women organized a rally in support of Pivot Legal’s Red Tent Campaign. Pivot Legal Society has purchased 500 red tents to shelter Vancouver’s homeless citizens in response to the inadequacy of the city’s emergency shelter program. The tents display quotes from the UN Declaration of Human Rights […]

Bigger, more ecologically sustainable and more culturally diverse.

The critical issues that face the City of Vancouver in the next decade are affordability and ecological sustainability. These two issues are inextricably linked together and any credible solution will have to address both. On the affordability side, Vancouver is increasingly and rapidly becoming more and more expensive both to rent and to own. Land […]